Is a state-of-the-art network important?

Network equipment of PlanetHoster (routers, switch, firewall, etc)
Network equipment of PlanetHoster (routers, switch, firewall, etc)

What are PlanetHoster’s goals?

Over the past few years, the PlanetHoster team has been working hard to offer you several innovative solutions: for example, the scalable web hosting Platform World 2.0 , the reseller solution Multi-World for web agencies and dedicated server using Hybrid Cloud technology, which gives you the dedicated resources you need to meet your customers’ demands. All these solutions are backed by a team of professionals who are always there to help you grow. These new PlanetHoster software technologies rely heavily on a state-of-the-art network.

Network map - PlanetHoster
Network map – PlanetHoster

What about latency?

Back in 2013, we had already discussed the importance of having low latency between the IT infrastructures hosting your web platform (website) and your visitors. We also recommended that you select a provider that has its own network. You can find the article written by Saber, our CEO, at:

For two years now, PlanetHoster has been working on a network project that will allow the clients we host to obtain both better performance and improved latency. Our new network technology, which resulted from our own R&D program, has been deployed in our Montreal data centre. An acceleration of around 25% was achieved during tests.


Dedicated server PlanetHoster
Dedicated server PlanetHoster

Scheduled network maintenance

Upgrading took place as planned on September 8. This week, we are taking care of the final details and are confident that you will notice a marked difference (for the better) on the FR domain.

UPDATE (September 16, 2017) – All network maintenance work has been successfully completed.

Once the work is complete, you will enjoy the benefits of the latest PlanetHoster technology in Internet routing. You will achieve improved latency as well as higher throughput, all for the same price!

On behalf of the entire PlanetHoster team, thank you for choosing us. We hope to be able to serve you for many years to come.

World network PlanetHoster
World network PlanetHoster


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